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Civil Engineering

“ECRE concentrates with experienced Civil Engineers. Our technical design approach is fully oriented to provide multiple solutions for every infrastructure needs.

In-house Civil Engineering capabilities to conduct are the followings:

  • Land Development & Site Planning

  • Infrastructure Master Planning & Consulting

  • Site Drainage & Grading Design

  • Sanitary & Sewer System Design

  • Retention & Detention Ponds Design

  • Process Sewer Collection System Design

  • Water Distribution System Design

  • Utility Infrastructure Design

  • Soil & Slope Stability

  • Retaining Walls

  • Geometrical Plans

  • Pump Station

  • Erosion, Sedimentation & Flood Control

  • Hydrology, Hydraulic & Scour Studies


Our abilities are achieved thanks to our three-dimensional model that allows visualizing the project in real-time, which benefits our client’s economy to the project in the planning phase.


Looking for the best partner for your next construction work?

Looking for the best partner for your next work?