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Florida Caribbean Distillers

Project Details

Client: Florida Caribbean Distillers
Location: Auburndale, Florida
Year Started: 2018
Project Status: Planning Phase In Process
Category: Food & Beverage

Project Description:

Florida Caribbean Distillers (FCD) operates a secondary treatment Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) permitted to treat an average of daily flow of 283,000 gallons per day (gpd) yearly average and 500,000 gpd monthly maximum. Influent characteristics consider COD=5,000 mg/l and TSS=100 mg/l. Currently FDC has expansion plans and the WWTP need to be updated. In addition, the project shall consider the reuse of treated effluent as make up water into the cooling towers.

ECRE conceptualizes WWTP’s as reclamation facilities where energy, gases, water and solids can be recovered and reused in the daily operations of the distillery. The conceptual phase will provide FCD the opportunity to evaluate treatment alternatives and select the most feasible one based on capital investment, operational and maintenance expenses, recovery opportunities and return of investment, if applicable.

The conceptual design phase will evaluate the existing infrastructure that results in efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment facilities in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws, rules and regulations.