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    Clauses of Confidentiality and Authorship

    The receiver wants to receive or use confidential information in order to be able to evaluate a future agreement between the two / develop a project together, for which grant agreement which gives this instrument has. For this purpose, each Party shall set to the other party, in writing that will be persons who within your organization will be authorized to deliver or receive the information, as the case may be.

    The information shared in this way is confidential and may not be reproduced by any means or in any format by the receiver without express prior written authorization of Disclosure, except for those copies that the recipient may need to make operating this agreement.

    When the receiver is authorized by the discloser to totally or partially reproduce the confidential information, all reproductions, whether total or partial, and regardless of the format in which it is recorded, shall make express mention of the property intellectual of the discloser about the information contained in them, counting with listings of confidentiality and maintained the legends which contains the original information, except that the discloser otherwise in writing.